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thrift-y [thrif-tee];  Adjective 1. (of a person or their behavior) Using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully. 

Thrif-tee believes in fashion as a personal expression of each individual. It promotes the creation of new consumption habits, promoting values such as sustainability, fair trade and a socioeconomic conscience consistent with our time. Vintage tees and carefully curated items gain fresh breath in the hands of model and entrepreneur Marina Theiss, who travels the world in search of articles with purpose. By honoring the timeless qualities of vintage materials and designs, Thrif-tee has breathed new life into hundreds of items, be they clothing or accessories. All pieces are unique, showcasing an emphasis on cultural expression through the way we dress. The brand tags are artisanal and presented on ecological paper, which includes flower seeds during the manufacturing process, generating life instead of trash. Tag strings are made of discarded fabric.  After all, we are all stories in the end.

Campaign images by photographer Jonathan Wolpert (Abá MGT).